Thursday, November 6, 2014

Learning The Art of Saying No

It’s almost 3 weeks since I started Wordy Cakes and it has been an interesting experience. Seeing happy faces brought to life either by the quote they’ve found in their pair of Wordy Cakes or just the taste of the new Vanilla Wordy Cakes is very priceless.

I have had the opportunity to share in people’s birthdays and celebrations. I’ve helped people tell their friends how much they mean to them by using a pair of Chocolate Wordy Cakes. I’ve just made two deliveries today where the people who ordered bought more pairs of Wordy Cakes to share with their workmates.

A lot of love is going around lately. And I am thrilled to be in the middle of it all.

I am especially thankful to the people who have invited me into their space so I could share in their stories. Wordy Cakes is about sharing incredible stories of love and hope. And that is what we are going to do for a very long time.

As more and more people have joined social media, there has gotten to be a physical disconnect from their friends and family. This has got to change. I want to be a part of that change with Wordy Cakes.

That is why, when you ask me to make for you a wedding cake, I might say no. I don’t say no because I don’t know how to make wedding cakes or because I hate weddings. I say no because right now, wedding cakes may not help Wordy Cakes to spread this love that we want to spread.

While wedding cakes are at the centre of a very beautiful event of love, they do not help tell a story. They do not speak the way Wordy Cakes speak. Wedding cakes just make the wedding more fun. And a year later, you may never remember how that wedding cake made you feel.

And there are lots of people who bake wedding cakes and will be very happy to do a better job than I’d ever do for you. I can even refer you to some of my friends. My friend Khairoon, of Sheba Confectionaries makes incredible cakes for weddings and birthdays. You should check out her Facebook Page.

So what would I do instead of baking for you a wedding cake? I would make for you 200 pairs of Wordy Cakes, each with a special love message to your wedding guests. Now that would be an interesting story to be a part of!

You see, Wordy Cakes is not a bakery. Wordy Cakes is the newest way to say “I love you,” “You’re my best friend,” or “Have a great, productive day at the office today.”

I’d most probably make more money if I baked wedding cakes, given the fact that a lot of my friends are suddenly getting married (I guess I’m at that stage in my life). But Wordy Cakes has never been about the money and will never be.

I’ll most probably say no a few more times before I get comfortable saying no. But I am learning the art of saying no. And I believe that five years from now, I will be glad I said no to the things that didn’t push the vision of Wordy Cakes in order to say yes to the things that push us forward.

And five years from now, all of you will be happy Wordy Cakes came into your lives.