Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What Happened To Justice?

Court was in session. Judge Elohim was presiding.
The evidence had been presented. Both sides had had their chance to plead their case before the Judge.
The accused, a fierce looking giant of a man, looked as guilty as he really was. His heavily tattooed body gave him the look of a seasoned drug dealer and user. His face was contorted in a permanent scowl and his nose was turned up like he always smelt something foul in the air. The flimsy vest he wore couldn’t hide his muscled torso. He was surrounded by an aura of raw, physical energy.
The defence counsel, a thirtyish-looking gentleman of Asian origin, stood beside him, exuding a confidence you wouldn’t expect him to have, since the evidence prosecution had presented was highly incriminating and convincing. There was no way the accused was getting off the hook.
It was now time to wrap up the case. Both sides were to give their last remarks before the ruling was made.
Jeremy Doom, the prosecutor, rose at the prompting of the judge and presented his last remarks. He was a middle-aged, slim man whose slyness made him famous in Judge Elohim’s court. He never lost a case. No one knew where he always got his evidence, but he always had enough evidence to convince the Judge. This case was a piece of pie for him.
“Your honour, the accused before you here has been charged with kidnapping a twelve year old girl, raping her and slicing her throat.”
Doom walked back to his desk and produced a set of photographs and other documents. He waved them over his head for all to see.
“You have seen the photographs that were taken at the crime scene which, conveniently, is the residence of the accused. You have also seen the DNA report which shows that the DNA of the seminal fluids got from the victim matches that of the defendant. Our forensic pathologist never goes wrong, your honour.
“This man standing before you is not a normal human being. He doesn’t deserve to live among us. His conscience is so seared that he can’t even feel any remorse for his deeds. Your honour, our children can never be safe with such a man roaming in our community.
“I rest my case, your honour.”
Doom turned and looked at the people who filled the courtroom. He wanted to make sure that every press camera caught his face as he drilled the last nail into the defendant’s coffin. He then walked slowly and purposefully back to his seat, leaving the courtroom in a deathly silence.
The silence lingered on for a moment. It was uneasy.
Judge Elohim looked at the defence counsel, studying him for any hint of fear or cowardice.
“Mr. Jesus,” he said, “you last remarks.”
The defence counsel stood up. He raised a tome over his head and waved it the same way Doom had waved his evidence. There were a few chuckles from the audience as they took it to be a joke.
“Your honour, in my hand is the Penal Code. I have pored over this book for the last few days. I have read it from cover to cover and I haven’t found one single law that my client has broken.”
Doom was on his feet in a second, also waving his copy of the Penal Code. “That can’t be true! My Penal Code has over five rules that your client has broken! He must be prosecuted!”
“ENOUGH!” Judge Elohim bellowed, glaring at Doom. “I won’t have you hold my court in contempt!”
“I am sorry your honour.”
“Mr. Jesus, proceed.”
Jesus put the book down. “Your honour, this edition of the Penal Code that I have with me is a revision of the old one that Mr. Doom has. Mr. Doom’s version was replaced and rendered obsolete a few years ago. The laws governing this country are now different.
“Your honour, I, Jesus, paid the ultimate sacrifice for all the crimes of my client even before he committed them. My sacrifice was strong enough that there was no more need for a law. That is why there is now no law to convict my client.”
Jesus seemed to have grown taller as his voice took on a more authoritative tone. He picked up the tome again, opened it up and raised it for all to see.
“The pages of this book are blank, your honour. They are not blank because words have never been written on them. No, your honour. They are blank because my blood—my blood!—wiped away the handwriting that was against my client. There is therefore now no condemnation for him because he is in me. My client is not guilty!”
With that, Jesus sat down.
A sigh went out in the audience. People were letting out breaths they had held for so long.
Judge Elohim looked visibly troubled. He gestured for both Jesus and Doom to approach the bench. When they reached, he asked in a low voice, “Doom, did you know about this?”
Doom tilted his head and shrugged.
Judge Elohim turned to Jesus, “Why didn’t you bring up this evidence at the beginning of the trial?”
“I wanted to first see how far Doom could go with his lies, your honour. And I must admit I enjoyed watching him getting deflated after having deceived himself that he had won the case before even hearing your verdict.”
“What makes you think my verdict will be in your favour, Jesus?” Judge Elohim asked.
Jesus smiled. “I guess you don’t have any other option.”
“Gentlemen,” Judge Elohim said, looking from one man to the other, “you may now go and take your seats.”
Judge Elohim waited for them to take their seats before declaring, “Given the evidence before me, court is adjourned for one hour. I’ll come back to make my ruling then.”
Judge Elohim stood up and exited the courtroom.

(Excerpt from my upcoming book, What if God Doesn't Really Love You?)


  1. Woooooooooooooooow!! this is beautiful, Paul is the copy of the book available so i could buy it for my loved ones. its the best present i wd give 4 easter..this is wondering wat happened to doom and wat follows..Judge's verdict

  2. hey enock! thanks for appreciating... unfortunately, the book is still in the making.... i have not finished writing... but go on and spread the word. it will be out before christmas and will make a great christmas gift!