Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Valley of The Shadow of Death

I’ve been to hell and come back. I don’t know your definition of hell, but my hell was loneliness, agony, depression, guilt and condemnation. The world has come crashing down on me before. But I am still alive.

I don’t know whether I am any stronger, or wiser. But who cares? I am still alive. And I am not alone. I have someone by my side at all times. He loves me, accepts me, and delights in me.

Over five years ago, I wrote a song. I was in the pits, the kind that David described as the valley of the shadow of death. At that point, I got to know that even in the valley of the shadow of death, He never left me. He still loved me.

He was always there, even when I didn’t feel him. That was why, in the middle of my pain and confusion, I wrote these words:

Before the world began
Before shape was formed
When sun, moon and stars
Never lit the sky
You were there

Across the firmament
Skies and heavens formed
With the spoken word
Unquestionably superior
You were there

Our forefathers saw you not
Prophets only dreamt
Archaeologists searched
But none could see that
You were there

Before your plan was fulfilled
Before I was thought of
In my mother’s womb you knit
And before she knew it
You were there

Out into the world I came
No silver spoon in mouth
And I could not see you
But in a glimmer of hope
You were there

My tears could forever flow
Agony, loneliness, ruin
That was I
Forever out of sight you seemed
But you were there

When I cried and wept
When I suffered loneliness
When nostalgia crept in
When hopelessness reigned
You were there

At first I never knew
But then your word said so
You are there in our hardest times
That is when I saw that
You were there.

That is when I saw that
You were there.

Are you in your own version of the valley of the shadow of death? He is there.


  1. if i had written something before and thought of it as powerful, i would never have thought of this as superb, it touches the depth of a man soul and pulls him out of the sorrow that he thinks will last forever into a love unfathomable. Thank you Paul u inspire....