Sunday, October 7, 2012

You Are More Than Your Tears

When the sun is in the sky
I see the new day
As for blue skies
I see grey shadows

When nobody around
Sees through my pain
And the last person I need
Tends to walk away

When I see no hope for tomorrow
And every step is a drag
When my tears fall like rain
And all I try to eat
Tastes like pepper

I want to run
From myself
Where do I run to?
To whom do I run?

When I try to pray
And no words can form
When every effort to praise
Leaves me more depressed

When I think of me
I am so broken
I’m like shattered glass
Sometimes I know not what
At times I know

And in the stillness of night
And the turmoil of day
He comforts me
Gently whispers
I am more than your tears
For you are more than your tears