Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Please Don't Read This!

I have just completed writing my exams for this semester. Some of them were not written, though. They were a little more practical, with one of them involving chopping onions, whisking eggs and grilling steak. But “writing” is the only English word I could think of right now, since I am on a vacation from thinking anything academic.

I really have nothing to write, other than to say that I am excited. There are times in life when I am so deep into stuff that I fail to realize that everything comes to an end. Two days ago I couldn’t dream that these exams would be over. Now here I am, on my bed, bored and writing a very pointless blog post. Only reason I am writing it is because the movies I got from a friend of mine failed to play on my pc.

Maybe I’m also writing because it is ages since I last posted here. And I kinda feel guilty about it. I know I am supposed to be a writer, but life can bog me down sometimes that I even forget who I am.

I guess I should also blame Facebook and Twitter. These sites make micro-blogging so easy. I don’t have to think something through, dig up some research before writing out a readable blog. All I need to do is write two long sentence with two typos and the burden to write is suddenly lifted off of me.

I never make New Year’s resolutions, but maybe for next year, I should resolve to write more on this blog and gain a larger audience. It would stroke my ego, you know. But for right now, I guess I should stop babbling and go back to Facebook and see what happened there while I was away.

If you read this, then something is wrong with you, because I am sure you didn’t gain a thing, apart from spending your time reading a meaningless blog post. I promise I’ll never write like this again.

Forgive me?

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