Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Death Kissed Me Last Night

Death kissed me last night
She came swiftly and softly
While I was walking down the street
And swept me off my feet
Carried me on fluffy clouds
And said
Welcome home, my son

I’ve looked forward to this day, she said
But you looked so good today
I couldn’t let you go
See, I have a soft spot
For young men like you
Who’ve just discovered pleasure
But don’t know what to do with it.

Sometimes I wait till they’re ripe
Old age makes them easy prey
I creep into them slowly
Taking one inch of flesh at a time
By the time I snatch up their soul
They are mad at me
For being too slow

I don’t discriminate, my son
I also love them young
When they are pea-sized
And haven’t taken their first breath
I like to imagine them
Not taking their first step
Removing their first tooth
Or losing their virginity

I love the Acts of God
The kind they accuse God of
The plagues and floods and quakes
The sound when a neck breaks
Like dry twigs in a wild fire
Such music to my ear
When blood flows like a stream
And there's no one to dream

I take pleasure in wet cheeks 
I take pleasure in cracked hearts
When men’s hearts simmer with hate
When they go ahead, do my bidding.
On such days I get so busy
So many souls to welcome home
Yet so little time to prepare a banquet

Death kissed me last night
And through many words, taught
That I should get used to my state
I only die once, just like everyone else
Maybe I should look for some friends here
Because it will take me eternity
To learn how to undie.