Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unconditional Love?

Yesterday I told a friend that I loved her. She told me to explain to her which kind of love that was. “I hope it’s Agape,” she said.
That got me thinking, who in this world has got agape love? Please help me. I am looking for someone who loves without condition. Send me an email when you find one, because I have failed.
Last year, a friend of mine and I wrote a song. These are the words of the bridge:

I wouldn’t have you if you were ugly
You wouldn’t care if I was a fool
So tell me what you call love
Cuz I never knew you
I wouldn’t have you if you were unknown
You wouldn’t care if I was poor
So tell me what you call love
Cuz I never knew you
I never knew you.

That is my idea about love. Please correct me if I am wrong. All I know is, everyone loves you for either who you are or what you have. Take, for example, a mother’s love—the purest form of love on earth. I doubt whether that mother would love her child the same way if the child were not hers.
I must admit that there are some very loving people in the world. One of them was Mother Teresa. And I salute her. The world is a much better place because of people like her. While I don’t know Mother Teresa personally, from my own observation, I have realised that most people who love the disadvantaged wouldn’t love them if they were not in that state. Therefore, their love for people in need is with the condition that the recipient of the love is in need.
The people who boast in loving unconditionally love on condition that they take nothing from the recipient of their love so that people can think that their love is unconditional. The feeling of loving unconditionally is a condition in itself.
So who the hell can stand up and boast of loving unconditionally?
I’ve been loved unconditionally before, so I am not trying to complain. I have friends and family members who have loved me without condition. But that love is not always there. I don’t see it every day. And I only see it when these people let God love me through them.
I have learnt my lesson. I never demand to be loved unconditionally. And I don’t try to love unconditionally. But when I love unconditionally, great stuff always happens, because it’s not all the time, and whenever it happens, it is always God loving these people through me.
Only God is love. Only God is capable of loving without condition. And he always loves through people. If you want to love me without condition, don’t try. Simply let God love me through you.
Those are my thoughts on unconditional love. What are yours?

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