Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What is Grace?

below is a story i told last year, illustrating God's grace:
A man walked up to the gate of a beautiful villa sitting on 10 acres of land. It was a few minutes after midnight. He rang the bell.
“Who's there?” a voice buzzed over the intercom.
“My name is Jimmy. I'm a good man in this community. I voted the right mayor. I earn a decent income by working in the city hall and give half of my salary to the poor.”
'”Sorry we don't know you,” came the reply from the intercom.
Four hours later, a drunk guy stumbled onto the gate of the villa and rang the bell almost as an afterthought. He had been at a sexual orgy where he had lost his wallet. He didn't know where he had left his car. And he was wishing his phone had not been stolen. He would have called that first gal he'd had sex with first thing in the morning for a second round.
He rang the bell again before falling into a messy heap in his own vomit and urine.
“Who's there?” the intercom buzzed.
“Paul,” the drunk guy said, his speech slurred.
Suddenly, the gate slid open.
It so happened, Paul was the son of the master of the villa.

How are you acting before God? are you like Jimmy, the good stranger, or Paul, the son, however bad he was? do you know that a stranger, however good, will never get the inheritance of the son, however bad the son is? isn't that the beauty of grace, and grace alone?
Please feel free to leave your thoughts on this very important topic. you can also share it if you think your friends might want to see it.
i love you!


  1. The simplicity of God's grace and love towards us is in most times lost in our desire to add logic, worldly understanding and anything else to it. The reminder in this post however is very radical, you're a son, just knock, you do not have to get your sorry self cleaned up first, no, just show up at the gate. I tend to think that even when you don't show up, He can come get you...............